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Please read and follow below steps carefully

Click the icon below to download APP .
Click Download button.
The downloading page will show up afterwards. Go back to download K-Addons.
Click the icon below to download APP K-Addons.
App and K-Addons are downloading as below.
They must be installed successfully before using.
After finishing the installation, go back to home page and click APP K-Addons in all apps as below.
Categories of the add-ons
Choose one category and open it, enter into a page like:
Click one add-on and start installing,The pinkish red line is progress bar.
Multiple add-ons can be installed at the same time. Close K-Addons when聽
the add-ons finish installing. Then click APP and you will find聽
the add-ons you installed.
WARNING: If you have another version of , please uninstall it before taking
above actions and installing. The steps to uninstall old version of is as below:
Go to Settings--> Apps--> Downloaded apps--> Uninstall-->OK and uninstall
your old APP .After that,you could do above steps.

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Exemption Disclaimer: Please note that it is illegal to distribute the copyrighted videos and files.
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When WiFi is connected, there is a signal bar on the lower right/left hand corner of the screen.The stronger signal will brought you better streaming. You can try to change the place where your router locate to improve the wifi singal for best streaming experience.

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How to stream GooBang Doo fully loaded Android TV box

      For instance, I will be teaching you how to stream video add-ons as follows:


1. Connect GooBang Doo Android TV box to your internet first and wait 15-20 minutes for add-on updates and loading.




2. Go to KODI and choose videos add-ons like below:



3. For example, let’s choose 1 Channel, it will go to this page: 


4. Choose Movies and Most popular:




5. Choose one of the movies to play and I would like to pick up “The twilight saga breaking down”


6. And choose one of stream to play:


7. But it failed to play as below:


8. Let’s choose another one to stream:

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