TrekPow TJ2500 2500A Auto Battery Booster Jump Starter

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  • TrekPow TJ2500 2500A Peak 18000mAh 12V Auto Battery Booster (Engines up to 9.0L Gas/8.0L Diesel) with UltraSafe Smart Clamps, IP68 Waterproof, QC3.0, Type-C Input, LED Flashlight.
  • 2500A PEAK POWERFUL JUMP STARTER: This jump starter is compact, yet powerful, with 2500A peak effectively to jump-start 12V vehicles, up to 9L petrol or 8L diesel engine; Featuring safely advanced lithium technology for safe operation in any climate; It gets your car up and running in minutes even in low-temperature circumstances.
  • DUAL QC3.0 & 18000MAH CAPACITY: This battery booster comes with real capacity 18000mah, no marking higher capacity like others; Dual QC3.0 USB ports for quick charging your smartphone, iPad, camera and etc. 
    Feature with Type C & Mirco USB input port for a convenient recharging jump starter, comes with a 5V/2A adapter, 3 times faster than conventional charging.
  • ULTRASAFE SMART CLAMPS: The intelligent clamp features 8 advanced safety secure protection technology including short-circuit protection, overcharge protection, reverse-charge protection, over-temperature protection, over-discharge protection, etc, making it totally safe for anyone to use
  • YOUR LIFESAVER & COMPACT: The rugged enclosure with drop-proof, fire-resistant and IP68 waterproof design, and an ultra-compact and lightweight design, weighing only 1.63 pounds; This compact and portable TJ2500 jump starter can be your lifesaver, especially during winter days.
  • BUILT-IN LED LIGHT: 4 LED lights as the battery indicator can exactly show the remaining power. The LED Flashlight can switch between lighting, strobe and SOS modes under different circumstances. This car jump starter is ultra-easy to store or carry it anywhere with you. You will definitely feel more secure with this auto battery jump starter in your car.
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Have you ever experience when your car stuck in the middle of nowhere due to a low battery and your phone is dead that you have no chance to ask for help?

This jump starter TJ2500 is a lifesaver for such emergency situations.

Note: DO NOT use other adapters to charge this jump starter!

jump starter
jump starter
car jump starter POWER STATION
G22 1500A Jump Starter 350w 80000mAh Portable Power Station
Function To jump start your car To provide power for your devices on camping and power outage
Input 5V/3A 12-25V
Output Output1: 5V/9V/12V; Output2: 5V/2.1A AC: 110V 350W; DC: 12V 8A, 24V 3A; USB-A: 5V 3.1A


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Most Asked Technical Questions

1.Turn on your TrekPow jump starter and make sure it is over 50% charged (Press the power button to check the battery level). 2.lnsert jumper cables into jumping port and make sure the cable indicator is off. 3.Connect red damp to positive (+) terminal and black clamp to negative (-) of the car battery. 4.Start your engine while the cable indicator shows that the red/green light flashes alternately. 5.After successfully jump starting. unplug the jumper cables within 30 seconds. 6.Promptly remove clamps from the car battery and put it in the storage bag.
1.Connecl the devices (phones,tablets,etc) to the uSB port of the jump starter. 2.Press the power button and turn on the power bank mode.
1.If you failed to start your car, you need to disconnect the battery clamp from the vehicle and the jump starter.Please wait for at least 30 seconds,then try again. If you failed to start your car after 2 attempts,you can use the force start function. 2.Force start function.First please make sure that the clamps are connected to the correct polarity battery terminals.Then, press and hold the force start button for 3 seconds.When the indicator light of the smart clamp is solid green, you need to start the vehicle within 30s.
1.Simultaneous chargirg and recharging is not supported. 2.Do NOT start the car engine while charging the jump starter. 3.Recommend to use 5V/2A wall charger to recharge the jump starter. Nate:It is recommended to recharge the jump starter avery 3-4 months to maintain the efficiency and prolong the service life of the intarnal battery even if tha unit has not been used.
Turn On:Short press the power switch for 1 seconds,all interface outputs areturned on. Press the power button twice in the power on state, the machine interface will enterthe normally open state,and will not automatically shut down. Shutdown: Short press the powerswitch for 3 seconds,all interface outputs are turned off. Short press the powerswitch and then short press the AC switch to turn on the AC output; Short press again to turn it off, or press and hold the power switch for 3 seconds to turn it off.
1.Use the AC charger to charge Step 1:Connect the AC connector of this product to the household AC outlet,and then connect the DCconnector to the DC input interface of this product. Step 2:When the display lights up,the "IN" symbol flashes and the power indicatorflashes in an incremental manner. lt will display the charging status and current power.When the power indicatorshowsfully the "IN" symbol is not flashing,it is fully charged.Please remove the charger in time. 2.Use solar panels to charge Step 1:Place the solar panel in a place where the sunlight is strong; Step 2:Please connect the output of the solar panel to the charging input of this product.When the power indicator of this productis on and flashing. it means that the product is normally charged.When all the powerindicators are on and stop flashing, it means that the product is fully charged.


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